Echo Digital Audio Corporation has been a leader in computer-based audio hardware and software for over 30 years.

Echo Digital Audio is a successful research and development organization, licensing its technology to larger companies while at the same time supplying its popular products and supporting software to end-users and other manufacturers in the pro audio, broadcast, test and measurement, and audio simulation markets.

Echo began designing and manufacturing computer audio products in 1980. The Company was a pioneer in the computer-based voice technology field in the 1980’s; Echo’s audio peripherals and speech compression were standard products in the education and special needs markets. In the 1990’s Echo went on to design and manufacture the first multi-track recording products for the PC and Mac markets. Echo has licensed its technology to several leading audio and semiconductor companies including: Gibson Guitar, Analog Devices, HP, Sony, Motorola, Peavey, Mackie, and Dolby Laboratories.

Echo is a closely-held company, located in Santa Barbara, California, with a management team that has been in place since 1981.