Press release announcing the new NIC-1 PCIe network adapter and Windows SDK

Echo Digital Audio today announced the release of the first Streamware™ products: the Streamware NIC-1 and the Streamware SDK.

The Streamware NIC-1 is a PCI Express network interface card with hardware support for Ethernet AVB. With traffic shaping and MAC packet timestamping, the NIC-1 enables time-sensitive networking applications for Microsoft Windows.

The Streamware SDK is a Windows software development kit providing full access to the time-aware and IEEE 1722 stream generation features of the NIC-1.

The Streamware NIC-1, along with the SDK, is the recommended network interface for the University of New Hampshire IOL VIOLETT™ AVnu certification tools. This enables AVnu members to run the certification tools for in-house FQTSS, BA, MRP, MSRP, and MVRP testing. The NIC-1 is designed to work with Echo's upcoming Streamware for Windows product, a complete AVB controller, protocol stack, and audio driver (available soon). Each NIC-1 includes a software icense for 16 channel audio playback and recording.

Both the Streamware NIC-1 and Streamware SDK are currently available for purchase directly at

About Echo: Echo Digital Audio Corporation has designed and manufactured computer-based audio hardware and software for over 30 years. Echo’s technology is licensed and sold to numerous leading companies in the pro audio, broadcast, test and measurement, and audio simulation markets. The Company is currently focusing its R&D efforts exclusively on AVB technology.

Posted on September 11, 2013

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