Headphones, speaker monitors or both?

What is the best way to mix your recording project? Should you mix with headphones, speaker monitors or both? After all, most people listen to their iPods with headphones. A good pair of headphones sounds great, but what about the stereo image? What if you want to mix your project with a good pair of speaker monitors but your home recording studio space is not sound proofed well enough? You want to listen to your mix at a high decibel level so you can hear everything. To be safe, you should really listen to your project mono, stereo and at different volume settings. What about a good pair of near field speaker monitors positioned relatively close to your computer and equi-distance between you and the monitor speakers themselves? You will still have some stereo image - with the correct speaker positioning - and you'll be close enough to your speakers so that you can pump up the volume without driving your neighbors crazy.

Posted on April 18, 2012

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